Our Dining Room, located next to the Parlor, will begin your New Bern adventure every morning with the prospect of new horizons. From the nautical background of the artistic pieces and the global pallet of the food, you will be exploring a wonderful world of sights, sounds, and smells that you may or may-not have expierenced before.
In the morning you awaken to a cacophony of aromas from the kitchen, and a buffet of colors laid out in the dining room. Breakfast in the Harmony House combines a mixture of authentic and experimental cooking styles from around the world, bringing together differnt tastes from across Europe and throughout North America. Try something new or rely on the familiarity of a full contenental breakfast.

After the breakfast you may choose to adjourn to the Parlor. The Parlor is a social space for relaxing and reading, or enjoying stimulating conversation with other guests over the soft sounds of music. This is not limited to the morning hours,however, the Parlor is open at all times of the day! End your evenings with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Meet other travelers and share life stories.

For Business Travel We Honor State & Federal Government per diems.